Customer Reviews

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  • KT

    “Your associates are always courteous and friendly and constantly looking out for their clients interest.”

  • JS

    “I love that without me prompting the agency that they shopped my policy and saved me over $100/month on car insurance. I was able to have my renters insurance back and get my car insurance with the same higher limits for well under what I was paying for just my auto previously. Continue doing this and you have a customer for life. I also love that I can just run here and get pictures take from someone without having the hassle of the whole CARCO form. ”

  • CP

    “They Bill me and I pay from my checking account, Also when I damaged my car it was seamless and easy to get it repaired. I used Acchino’s and they worked with the insurance company. I had no problems.

  • NR

    “I have been very happy to do business with your group. The agents have helped me in a prompt and courteous way.”

  • AS

    “I have been with your group for quite a few years. Your staff are polite and well informed. I had a claim a few years ago and you handled it quickly and I got my settlement fast. When I thought my premiums were getting a bit high, you checked into other insurances and saved me about $300. Thanks, and I feel great that you are there for me and my family.”

  • CS

    “Rowan Group has always helped me with anything or questions I’ve needed answers too. ”

  • AS

    “Very customer friendly ”

  • PS

    “The staff is what makes the 10! Very informative and very knowledgeable. They all give good direction and example like I do not know anything. Which I do not insurance is very difficult to understand.”

  • SP

    “Your staff is very kind”

  • SU

    “We like being able to talk face to face when we have questions..stop right by and your there Scott ! Gotta love it”

  • MR

    “Great customer service!”

  • BF

    “Great service, fair insurance rates. ”

  • TM

    “Worked with me to obtain the coverage I needed for a fair price ”

  • TK

    “Divina helped me with the process of getting renters insurance. She was great and made it easy!”

  • WM

    “You all made the transition very easy and your office is very friendly and professional!”